RETIREMENT READINESS REPORT, a free monthly eNewsletter

RETIREMENT READINESS REPORT is a monthly eNewsletter distributed free to thousands of human resource professionals, pension fund executives, and union leaders. Each month it includes a feature article relating to the financial and/or non-financial issues that older employees need to consider as they approach and then pass into retirement. Each issue also includes a review of a recent book helpful to people in this situation, as well as a review of a website that offers information or services for those getting ready to retire, or already retired.

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RETIREMENT READINESS REPORT's first issue was distributed in November 2008. All issues to date are available below:

    No. 45 (March 2013) - Is financial literacy enough?

    No. 44 (December 2012) - Employees in the middle

    No. 43 (October 2012) - Financial advice at retirement: The good, the bad, and the ugly

    No. 42 (August 2012) - Is it time to start helping your employees retire successfully?

    No. 41 (June 2012) - Family relationships in retirement

    No. 40 (April 2012) - Retirement and the 4% rule

    No. 39 (February 2012) - Volunteerism in retirement

    No. 38 (December 2011) - The biggest taboo: Death

    No. 37 (November 2011) - Retiring broke

    No. 36 (October 2011) - Caregiving Issues

    No. 35 (September 2011) - The eight biggest retirement decisions…?

    No. 34 (August 2011) - Retirement and the rank-and-file employee

    No. 33 (July 2011) - Happiness, optimism, and personality

    No. 32 (June 2011) - Retirement coaching, and its alternatives

    No. 31 (May 2011) - Can housing save an under-funded retirement?

    No. 30 (April 2011) - Keeping money and life in balance

    No. 29 (March 2011) - Couples and retirement

    No. 28 (February 2011) - Helping older employees and retirees construct their "social portfolio"

    No. 27 (January 2011) - How many older employees are at risk of financial failure in retirement?

    No. 26 (December 2010) - Where are employers today on offering retirement advice

    No. 25 (November 2010) - Health issues for retirees

    No. 24 (October 2010) - Is spirituality an appropriate issue for discussion in a retirement readiness program?

    No. 23 (September 2010) - Holistic (or "integrative") planning

    No. 22 (August 2010) - Issues with adult children

    No. 21 (July 2010) - Implications of the MetLife Retirement Readiness study

    No. 20 (June 2010) - Relocating after retirement

    No. 19 (May 2010) - What about employees who are already retired?

    No. 18 (April 2010) - Constructing a pre-retirement education / advice program for older employees

    No. 17 (March 2010) - The worst financial advice your older employees get

    No. 16 (February 2010) - Retirement issues specifically for men

    No. 15 (January 2010) - Retirement issues specifically for women

    No. 14 (December 2009) - Why older employees and retirees rarely get good financial advice

    No. 13 (November 2009) - Downshifting

    No. 12 (October 2009) - Dealing with health issues in retirement

    No. 11 (September 2009) - What kind of employers are interested in providing extra support and advice to their retiring employees?

    No. 10 (August 2009) - The effect of retirement on couples

    No. 9 (July 2009) - When retirement arrives early.

    No. 8 (June 2009) - Are employees and employers in sync about the need for advice at retirement?

    No. 7 (May 2009) - What is life after retirement about? Helping employees cope with the need for renewed purpose and meaning.

    No. 6 (April 2009) - Ideas for employees who need or want to work after they retire.

    No. 5 (March 2009) - Offering retirement advice to pre-retirees at no cost to the employer.

    No. 4 (February 2009) - Are the financial calculations from your 401(k) or 403(b) provider what your retiring or retired employees really need?

    No. 3 (January 2009) - How individual personality affects retirement decision-making, and what you can do to accommodate it.

    No. 2 (December 2008) - Making the least of Social Security: Should we discourage retirees from collecting benefits at age 62?

    No. 1 (November 2008) - Helping older employees retire: Why it should matter to you and your organization?

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