What doesn’t RW2 for YOU™ do?

RW2 for YOU™ will not try to sell you specific financial products. Nor will it give you detailed advice on managing your investment portfolio. If you need that kind of help, you should consult with a registered investment advisor.

RW2 for YOU™ is not affiliated with any financial company. We have no vested interest in the product brands you choose in order to reach your goals. If RW2 for YOU™ recommends that you purchase an annuity, long-term care insurance policy, or other financial product or legal document, you will need to select your own provider. You should consult with financial or legal professionals for help in carrying out some of the recommendations in your plan.

What RW2 for YOU™ will do is provide a comprehensive, integrated plan that is appropriate for you. RW2 for YOU™ also explains why it is making its recommendations. It includes online Help you can read and print out, offering detailed information on specific issues (for example: reverse mortgages, annuities, conservative investment strategies, how to find an assisted living facility, etc.).

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RW2 for YOU™ User's Manual

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