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What Matters Beyond the Physical Details of Your Life

Your Beliefs and Principles

Having a firm stance about life’s mysteries

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Your beliefs may be religious or not, spiritual or not, strong or weak, constant for life or continuing to evolve – but however they are characterized, they either deeply affect all other areas of your life, or they miss the opportunity to have that impact. Either way, what you believe in and how you believe make a huge difference.

We’re not out to change your beliefs (though if you want to reconsider them, there’s some guidance here). The point is to encourage you to make your beliefs – not just what you think in your mind, but what you feel in your heart, and in your gut – a central part of how you design the later stages of your life. Yes, you can get by, perhaps just fine, without doing this. But being clear about your own point of view concerning life and aging and death, concerning what’s really important and what isn’t, gives you your best chance to affirm, extend, and fulfill the ideals that, in the end, you will feel made your life whole and good.

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Beliefs & Principles Sub-Topics and Resources

Many, many resources are available out there to help you focus on your values, figure out how to translate those into life changes, and inspire and motivate you to carry through on your plans. Here are a few that seem a bit better than average, and that are general enough to be applied by almost anyone: