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Dealing with Aging

Preparing mentally, and in other ways, for old age

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Given the alternative, most of us hope to live into old age. But what will we find there, and how will we cope with it?

In our culture of youth, aging has come to have almost entirely negative connotations. But there are many positive aspects to aging, and since that’s the territory we’re heading into, perhaps we should try to focus more on those than we might otherwise tend to do.

At the same time, there are legitimately negative aspects to aging. But we can understand, prepare for, and thereby to some extent minimize those aspects.

And in cases where aging does result in serious problems for ourselves or for others who care about us, or affects people we feel obliged to help, there are many resources available to assist us in coping.

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Dealing with Aging Sub-Topics and Resources

There is a great deal to be said on these topics, so the books rather than the websites are able to say it most comprehensively, though the free website sources also offer worthwhile help in specific areas.

The “Free” and “Other” references listed below deal mainly with the social, emotional and related “inner” aspects of aging. The “See also” links connect you with resources to health, housing, financial, and caregiving issues.