What Matters Beyond the Physical Details of Your Life

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“Spirit” does not have to mean religion, though it may to you. Nor does it even have to mean spirituality, though it may to you. By “Spirit” we mean your response, whatever it might be, to the deepest questions we face as human beings. How do you understand the universe and our place in it? What is the meaning of life in general, and of your particular life? What do we gain and lose by aging, and by dying, and how to do we cope with these realities, both for ourselves and for others that we care about?

The intention here is not to tell you what you should think about these issues, but simply to encourage you to give them some thought, especially in the context of your own aging. The point is not to find the “right” answers, but to help you find the answers that are satisfying and that work for you.

This is both a worthwhile pursuit in its own right and a foundation on which you can set your priorities for other areas of your life.

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Your beliefs may be religious or not, spiritual or not, strong or weak, constant for life or continuing to evolve – but however they are characterized, they either deeply affect all other areas of your life, or they miss the opportunity to have that impact. Either way, what you believe in and how you believe make a huge difference.

Given your beliefs, and given the realities of your life and of those around you, what should your priorities be in life – right now, and as you continue on life’s path?

Given the alternative, most of us hope to live into old age. But what will we find there, and how will we cope with it? What can we do now to put us in the most favorable position? And how do we deal with aging in our loved ones?

How do we make sense of our own death, and that of others? How do we prepare, in our minds and hearts, and in other ways?

There are long-established practices that help people ground themselves according to their particular beliefs and ideals. As with all practices of any kind, however, there are more effective and less effective ways of pursuing them.