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Traditionally, money issues have taken center stage in retirement planning. This doesn't mean they are the most important issues, however. One could easily make the case that Spirit is the most fundamental, because it deals with life's deepest meanings, or that Love is the most important, because ultimately our relationships with other people are what matter most, or that "without your health, you don't have anything."

Still, money is important at all stages of life, and it can be a complicated topic on which, quite frankly, bad advice is just about as common as good advice, quite possibly more so. Furthermore, since financial mistakes made as we transition into retirement (or when we are actually retired) might not reveal their true consequences for a number of years, and since few of us will have good options for going back to work or otherwise acquiring new financial resources late in life, making smart financial decisions from the get-go is of lasting, critical importance. So in this section, we try to steer you to insightful and unbiased sources of information and advice, and away from "common wisdom" that is mistaken or is self-serving to those who propound it.

Where you live is also an important issue. Your geographic location, the kind of home you inhabit, and how and with whom you live, represent for most people the largest (and most discretionary) sources of expense. Where you live also can enable or inhibit you in other ways: in terms of access to employment, availability of medical care, closeness to family and friends, and proximity to natural, cultural, educational, recreational, and other resources for spending your time.

So the decisions you make in the areas we lump under the title "Security" are especially far-reaching in their implications and, unfortunately, often involve complex concepts and difficult, even risky, decisions. That's why you probably can use some help with them.

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As you get older, it becomes more likely (or to be honest, more certain) that something bad will happen sooner or later, so you need to prepare for the effects on you and others you care about.

Your savings and investments, your home equity (if you are a home-owner), your other assets, and your debts all can be handled in various ways, and your choices can make a big difference to your financial comfort.

Your choices in this area will have a big impact not only on your finances, but on the quality of your life. They are among the most important decisions you make about your retirement years.