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Purposeful activity is a big part of what gets us up in the morning, and keeps us interested and vital. While advertisers emphasize relaxation and fun in retirement – and these are important – most people find that full-time amusement gets stale pretty quickly. The ideal image of a retired life is not people sitting on a beach or playing golf, but people focusing on something that matters to them – maybe something they never had time for during their earlier years.

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Not everyone is the same. When some people retire, the last thing they want to think about is doing anything serious, while other people get antsy if they don’t have some productive or important activity to pursue. Some have been just waiting for retirement so they can work on goals they have always had in mind, while others are at a loss what to do. Some see purposeful activity as intrinsic to self-actualization, as a spur to worthwhile achievement, and as a way to earn respect from others. Other people see it as just a lot of work, which they’d rather not deal with. What matters to you?

Even when you are “retired,” you may find that you like working for money – perhaps as a part-time activity, perhaps starting your own business, or in some other fashion. Or you may need to continue working, at least a little, to pay your bills.

If you do not particularly need the extra income, or if you have a desire to help others, or if your time availability is too irregular for paid employment, you can do a lot of good for others by volunteering, and at the same time do good for yourself.

By focusing on the impact that you have on others, directly and by your example, you have the opportunity to sculpt that impact: to have it be what you want it to be, not just an unintended side-effect of your own existence.