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Intimate Relationships

With a spouse, partner, or lover

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Intimate relationships – marital, sexual, romantic, or more than one of these – need little introduction. Their importance is self-evident, and their beginnings and endings, whatever the circumstances, are emotional: often exciting, stressful, and powerful. In between, whether that is weeks or decades, keeping these relationships healthy and vibrant is a work of art and of thought, as well as of love.

And despite a lifetime of observing and dealing with such relationships, most of us could use a little help from time to time.

Here are some places to find it.

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Intimate Relationships Sub-Topics and Resources

Dozens – wait, make that millions – of people have written about the glories and travails of love, togetherness, and losing the one you love. Here we identify just a handful of the useful sources, with particular focus on those that deal with people in the second half of their lives.