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For virtually all of us, relations with other people, particularly the people who have been nearest to our hearts for the longest time, are critical to our happiness. Indeed, one of the greatest pains of living to a truly old age is having to be a bystander as loved ones die before us, and we are left increasingly alone.

The best remedies for this problem are to continue to nurture the relationships that do remain to us, to continue to form new relationships, and to bond with people of younger generations who will not only outlive us, but help keep us connected and vital during our own elder years.

In the meantime, many of us will also be cast into the role of caregiver – for a parent, for a spouse, perhaps for a special needs child or a sibling or even a close friend. This is a work of love, but it can also be an unbearable burden if the proper supports are not in place.

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Forgiveness, compassion, respect, and gratitude not only are the basis of all the best relationships, but are also scientifically shown to lead to happier lives for those who practice them.

How do you keep intimate relationships vital? What do you do when you lose an intimate relationship? How do you find a new one?

Blood is thicker than water, but sometimes it clots. How do you keep family relationships thriving?

If aging inevitably involves losing people, that doesn’t mean we have to lose them all, or that we can’t find as many new friends as we want – even if we become very limited in our other capabilities.

A majority of women and a sizeable minority of men become a caregiver to someone who is physically and/or mentally infirm, at some point in their lives. It catches most of them by surprise. But there is a lot of information and help out there.