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This group of activities is unusual, because although many of them are highly engaging and popular with people of all ages, these are also activities that can be pursued even by the very old, the very infirm, and very isolated people. So nurturing interests in this category is like free insurance toward an enjoyable old age. Even if you outlive most of your friends and family, and even if you end up housebound, or go into assisted living or a nursing home, and you can no longer participate freely and capably in your other chosen avocations, you still have these to fall back on. And they can more than do the job for you, especially if you develop a keen interest in some of them before you get to that stage.

Although some of the references we provide here are of general interest, we focus mainly on resources that might (a) give you new ideas about how to use your free time alone enjoyably, or (b) help you continue with interests you already have even after you become elderly or are developing some disabilities.

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You don’t have to go to school to get an education, of course. Many people prefer to be self-taught, in which case access to libraries and book-stores, as well as to newspapers and magazines – or online versions of them, if it is hard to get around physically – can be your lifeline. If you prefer to be guided in your education by professionals, there are online programs for that, too. If you still want to learn – and why shouldn’t you? – you can, no matter what your circumstances.

You don’t have to be physically present in order to communicate with others, of course. In fact, many people find that carefully writing a letter or a long email to someone they care about is a way of almost being with that person – not quite as good, naturally, but offering you a chance to contemplate your connection with him or her for as long as it takes to write, and perhaps also to later get a thoughtful reply back.

Even if you are unable to leave your home without a big effort, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good and feel good, or that you can’t. You can get personal care services to come to you. Depending on your budget, this may be a special treat, or it may be something you indulge in regularly – and if it’s really too expensive for you, it might be the perfect gift for a family member or good friend to arrange for you, so don’t be shy about suggesting it.

Of course, you have more options, and may be able to save some money, if you can get yourself out to an established business. If you are not very mobile, you can get free or subsidized rides in most urban and suburban communities. In other areas, church or other volunteer groups will often provide rides for people who need them, or friends or relatives might drive you, or bring you along when they need a little pampering of their own.

The important thing is to make yourself feel as good as you can, inside and out. If these services do it for you, then you should take a little trouble to find out how to get there, or get them to come to you. Looking and feeling your best can brighten your whole outlook, which other people will notice about you as well. So don’t think of it as a waste, or a luxury – but as a therapeutic way to age gracefully.