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High-energy activities with others

Physically challenging activities in competition or in unison with other people

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These are activities that require relatively high energy and/or good mobility, and that involve other people. Although such activities are best suited to those of us who are not very elderly and not very ill, there are versions of these activities that do not require great strength or complete mobility. If you have some impairments, we will recommend suitable resources for you, too.

Even so, if you are still able to engage in these activities, don’t let the opportunity pass. You might not be able to do them – or at least to enjoy them with your favorite companions – forever.

Of course, you should discuss with your physician any plans to begin or increase your involvement in physically demanding activities. That Nike slogan, “just do it,” becomes, at a certain age, “just don’t over-do it!” Even people with significant disabilities need exercise, as much so as anyone else, but extra care is needed (see “Increasing Physical Activity among Adults with Disabilities from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control”).

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Coaching and teaching are perhaps the best activities of all, if you have the time, physical strength, knowledge, skill, integrity, and patience for them. Not only do you get exercise yourself, but you also get the satisfaction of helping others improve their own abilities, and you connect with other, usually younger, people who can help you stay young at heart yourself.

If all the travel books, magazines, and articles were laid end to end, you could walk on them to anyplace on earth, and maybe to the moon! So what we highlight here specifically are resources for the older and/or somewhat disabled traveler.

That's right: you don't have to be afraid to travel because you have issues with mobility, continence, medical support, or other issues. The travel industry wants to accommodate you!